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Belvaspata and Tonal Luminosity – Living the New Reality of Existence

What is tonal luminosity and how does it affect us? Tonal luminosity, as Almine has discussed on Ask Almine Anything 5 online course and on our current course, Mastering the Tools of the Gods,  is the total blending of light and frequency as the new building blocks of existence. In the previous reality paradigm of polarity and duality, we operated within the law of compensation; where one side of the pole gains, the other side loses – this is how the law of compensation works. We are no longer within the previous reality of life where light and frequency are separate sub-atomic building blocks of life. They are perfectly blended and integrated.

Questions and Answers with Almine about tonal luminosity:

1. How does tonal luminosity (which ends the law of compensation and ‘opposites of polarity and duality’) affect the physical body? Previously, our bodies were busy maintaining balance/homeostasis, which used a lot of energy. This should no longer be the case. We should have much more ‘energy’ resources available to us.

2. Belvaspata, the healing modality of light and frequency should be greatly affected by tonal luminosity, the complete integration and blending of light and frequency. Has Belvaspata changed and if so, how?

Almine’s answers:
1. Russian scientists invented a blanket, which causes the return of the body frequency back to the body. In a more profound way, a dense ball of illumination forms around the body of one who lives from the building blocks of tonal luminosity. Your own tonal luminosity heals yourself.

2. Belvaspata adjusts for the level the person is functioning from. When one lives from tonal luminosity, it helps balance health through emphasis of either the tonal aspect (frequency) or the luminosity aspect (light). It continues to work at all levels just as was promised.


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