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Enlightenment and Kaanish Belvaspata

Kaanish Belvaspata is the Healing modality of Enlightenment, the literal translation is: The Cosmic Proxy Belvaspata.  It’s one of the specialty modalities of Belvaspata.  It can be used for yourself, friends, a family member,  a specific location or situation. Like all Belvaspata healing modalities, it works through light and frequency in a non-linear way, being drawn to where it is most needed.

How does it work?  Every sigil of Kaanish Belvaspata represents the cosmos, see this page. The recipient (person, situation or location) is the proxy for the cosmic well-being and the entire cosmos benefits as well as the practitioner.  Where such great service is rendered, a dramatic increase in consciousness is given in compensation. It can be used as part of a usual Belvaspata session or as a separate session to benefit cosmic life, the recipient will also reap physical benefits. There does not need to be an ‘ailment’ for Kaanish Belvaspata to be used.

Who can use it? Any level of Belvaspata master can use it – level one initiation is the minimum requirement.

How do I learn more about it?* The Kaanish  Belvaspata Ebook download is available.  It is also available as Volume I of a volumed set of Belvaspata books, titled:  Belvaspata Healing of the Angels, The Healing Modality of Miracles, Volume I, 2nd edition (Plus: The Healing Methods of Enlightenment and The Restoration of Inner Divinity).

*This post updated 03/18/2015.

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