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A Sigil for Treatment of Cancer

Allopathic medical studies report that often persons who experience
an extreme shock such as a death in the family, illness, loss of a job,
divorce, etc. can develop cancer within one year following such a shock.
The experience of loss in our lives may create an ‘empty place’ within
and in such cases we may develop a condition to fill the ‘emptiness’.

Cancer can result from a lack of presence in a certain area of the
body. If the cancer is there, a piece of you has been abandoned. Which
piece of your life have you abandoned? This abandonment of self can be described as ‘not being at home for ourselves’. When we are ‘not home for ourselves’, we may be living the expectations, dreams, ideals and wishes of another and not living our own passion and joy – we essentially have created an empty space inside. Because nature abhors a vacuum, our bodies strive to create balance by filling our empty space.

Cancer studies have also reported that women tend to develop breast cancer when their ‘heart is broken’, whereas men are more likely to have a heart attack.

For more information on cancer see the Belvaspata Volumed Set, to be released in 2014. See the “A-Z” section of Handbook for Healers for more information about health information by Almine.

See the Belvaspata ‘Sigil for Presence’ below for use with healing of cancer (click on the sigil to enlarge on a separate page). For more information about Belvaspata Angelic Healing modality see this post, “What is Belvaspata. For details about the meaning and use of sigils, see this post, “Angels and Sigils of Belvaspata“.

Healing Emotions with Fragrance Alchemy

We refer you to a few previous posts on our Handbook for Healers website which are specific to healing with Fragrance Alchemy and the meridians of the body. See Releasing Birth Trauma with Rose Oil, posted on July 24, 2013 and Healing Emotions with Meridians and Fragrance Alchemy posted on July 28, 2013.

We wish to clarify the following: Due to the many requests we have received for the sigils used for Releasing Birth Trauma with our special alchemically formulated Rose oil, we present them here along with the meridian chart and the directions (also given on the post of July 24, mentioned above). The sigils that are used with the Rose oil and the meridian locations can be used by anyone, not only by Belvaspata masters (see more about Belvaspata angelic healing and initiations here).


What are sigils and how do they work, you might ask? You can read more about sigils in Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1 or Volume 2 and purchase these books on the book section of our webstore. For your reference we post an excerpt from Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 2, pages 8 and 9 of the paper version – you can read the first 15 pages of this book free here!

Symbols versus Sigils
A symbol represents something, whereas a sigil describes something. When someone sees a BMW or a Mercedes symbol, it represents upper middle-class vehicles of quality and distinction. On the other hand, the symbol for a Rolls Royce or Bentley represents elite vehicles that speak of a privileged lifestyle of dignity and wealth.

So much is deduced just from one symbol. A Rolls Royce evokes images of walled estates, chauffeurs, enough and accustomed money where the symbol of a Ferrari will speak of more flamboyant taste.

Whereas symbols are common in our everyday world, the use of sigils is virtually forgotten. Even in mystery schools, their hidden knowledge eludes most mystics. Throughout the cosmos all beings of expanded awareness utilize sigils and it is only a few left-brain oriented races that use symbols such as those in alphabets. An example would be the word ‘LOVE’ where we have combined four symbols (letters representing certain sounds) to make one symbol (the word that represents a feeling). But love is one of the building blocks of the cosmos, like space or energy*. It can also represent many different nuances within the emotion of love (which is the desire to include) and much other dysfunctionality and degrees of need we mistakenly call ‘love’.

As we can see, the symbol or word can be very misleading since what it represents to one may not be what it represents to another. The sigil for love describes the quality or frequency of what is meant. It maps out the exact frequency of the emotion.

The sigil for someone’s name would do the same. As the person or being rises in frequency, the sigil will change to reflect that. In the case of angels, even their names change…

Having someone’s sigil is like having that person’s phone number. Sigils not only describe what they represent, but are a means to communicate with what they represent.

*Discussed in Journey to the Heart of God, “The True Nature of the Seven Directions”.

How Belvaspata Healing Works

We feature a question that we received about Belvaspata* and other healing modalities – are they all equally effective at healing and why? Thank you to M.K, Hawaii for her question.

Q. I am currently a practitioner of Pranic Healing, which is a no touch healing modality, that involves scanning for energy depletion/ congestion, breaking down and removing that ‘dirty energy’ and then re-energizing those areas/chakras with fresh prana, or energy. I have been drawn to Almine for some time now, and have been drawn to Belvaspata. I have ordered Belvaspata Angel Healing Volume 1, and I am concerned with whether or not to continue with pranic healing.  With the changes Almine has spoken of on how most of the energy healing modalities are no longer effective, I am torn. I have felt the positive effects of Pranic Healing yet now that I am aware of the changes Almine has spoken of, I am hesitant to continue with that type of energy healing.

I am curious if Pranic Healing is one of the energy healing modalities that is no longer effective, as Almine stated opposites now repel. Pranic Healing cleanses the area of the dirty/opposite energy before energizing with clean prana. Would there still be a repelling?

Almine’s reply: Currently prana is an element still used by those who are within the human grid. As the god reality becomes stronger and stronger each day, some of your clients may be living their godhood, without even knowing that this has occurred. The elements of prana, energy, light and frequency, utilize different elements all together than the incorruptible element of the great lights on Earth that consist of indivisible tonal luminosity. Belvaspata is designed to be able to be used on whatever reality your client is living from. It is also designed to change as life on Earth evolves because of its origins as a gift directly from Source.

To summarize, therefore, for a while the prana healing will continue to work, but only on some people and knowing the difference between a god being walking amongst humanity in forgetfulness and someone living from the human matrix is very difficult.  Hope this is helpful for you – our reality is changing so rapidly since the end of 2012, that it is an enormous blessing to have a healing modality that changes with it.

*Belvaspata is an angelic healing modality first received by Almine in 2006. Unlike previous healing modalitites that are directional and work with enegry and matter, it is non-linear and works with light and frequency. Due to how it works in a non-polar, non-linear way, it is drawn to where it most creates balance. Listen to Almine speak about how Belvaspata works and read more about “What is Belvaspata” here on our Belvaspata website.

Love, Praise and Gratitude are known to Belvaspata practitioners as the sigils that we draw at the end of all healing sessions or initiations to materialize the healing intentions and pull awareness in. Love, Praise and Gratitude are the songs that dissolve the mirrors of the body, soul and spirit.

With the advent of Krihanash Belvaspata, the Belvaspata of the Soul, when closing a healing session we also draw the sigil for Trust. Trust dissolves higher spirit. Almine has stated : the trust sigil is only to be added to the closing of Krihanash Belvaspata healing sessions.

Read more about Krihanash Healing for the Soul through Fragrance Alchemy here on our Belvaspata site and also on Almine Diary here.  It uses Belvaspata sigils, alchemical equations, Concepts of Clarity and Purity and Fragrance Alchemy oils on specific meridians to heal emotions on a deep, soul level.


Q. Is there any healing protocol available to work on unconscious or subconscious issues – including non-physical issues?

A. Krihanash Belvaspata specifically works on healing the soul level through the use of fragrance alchemy oils that clear the 12 major meridians used in acupuncture and acupressure. Belvaspata is the angelic healing modality of light and frequency – you can read more about it here. This Belvaspata will be officially released at a retreat with Almine in Ohio, July 15-19, 2013.

Below you can find the oil and the main meridian of the body that it corresponds to. The correct acupressure points for the 12 different meridians are included in the book, along with the sigils and alchemical equations but for now, you can easily research the major meridians on the internet. To determine which meridian that would be beneficial for you to work with, find the symptoms which seem to represent your major issues.

Note: It is not required to use the oils during the exact times mentioned below – they are the optimal times, but not essential. Rub the oil into the meridian point for some benefit. To experience the most complete benefits of this healing protocol, we recommend the use of the sigils which will be given in the Krihanash Belvaspata manual, due out prior to the end of 2013. Look for mention of its arrival on our newsletter (you can sign up on our home website) or see Spiritual Journeys webstore paper and e-book sections.

  • Lung meridian: Neroli. Optimum healing time is from 3 am to 5 am. Symptoms are grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness.
  • Large intestines meridian: Jasmine. Optimum healing time is from 5 am to 7 am. Symptoms are guilt, remorse, disappointment and opposition to change.
  • Stomach meridian: Sandalwood. Optimum healing time is from 7 am to 9 am. Symptoms are shame or blame, disgust and greed.
  • Spleen meridian: Goddess Blend (primary ingredient is fuchsia). Optimum healing time is from 9 am to 11 am. Symptoms are worry, anxiety about the future, self-destructiveness and mood swings.
  • Heart meridian: Rose. Optimum healing time is from 11 am to 1 pm. Symptoms are joylessness, anger, self-pity and neediness.
  • Small intestine meridian: Lotus. Optimum healing time is from 1 pm to 3 pm. Symptoms are insecurity, sadness, feelings of abandonment and feeling unheard.
  • Bladder meridian: Flower of Saffron. Optimum healing time is from  3 pm to 5 pm. Symptoms are fright or shock, impatience, restlessness and feeling unfulfilled.
  • Kidney meridian: Narcissus. Optimum healing time is from 5 pm to 7 pm. Symptoms are fear, indecision, loss and injustice.
  • Circulation meridian: Henna. Optimum healing time is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Symptoms are emotional injury, addiction, jealousy and regret.
  • Thyroid meridian: Oud Oil/God Blend. Optimum healing time is from  9 pm to 11 pm. Symptoms are suicidal tendencies, hopelessness, depression and despair.
  • Galbladder meridian: Patchouli. Optimum healing time is from 11pm to 1 am. Symptoms are rage, impotence, stagnation, stuckness and self-importance.
  • Liver meridian: Gardenia. Optimum healing time is from 1 am to 3 am. Protectiveness, need to save, phobias (misdirected terror) and obsessiveness.


Krihanash Belvaspata, the Healing for the Soul (available in late 2013) introduces the healing for pain of past life incarnations via 12 main meridians of the body and fragrance alchemy aromatherapy*. The  master sigil works specifically to remove black light frequency (the frequency of the descension cycles of the cosmos, when it is in its soul world) from the body and is used at the beginning of each healing session.

Because Belvaspata practitioners do their healing protocols as a proxy for the whole of humanity, the clearing of the acupuncture points and the body’s meridians also clears the Earth’s ley lines of old, pent up memories of cataclysmic change and suffering. The practice of these healing techniques therefore becomes a sacred service that enhances life on Earth. The trust sigil is used when closing a session along with praise, love and gratitude sigils. These sigils assist in materializing healing intentions and pull awareness in.

*See Fragrance Alchemy for all details about Egyptian oils.




Almine has announced that she has received a new Belvaspata called “Krihanash, the Belvaspata of the Soul”. As she explains, the general and specialty modalities of Belvaspata given up to this time including Kaanish, Healing through Oneness, Song of the Self, Braamish Ananu, Arevespi Stra-Unat (and more to be introduced in 2o13 and 2014) work on issues created in the cosmic cycles of what is known as white light or ascension cycles. Ascension cycles are masculine, pro-active and light or information based.  The complimentary descension cycles are feminine, receptive, and frequency  or emotion based. As we have received tools to assist with healing issues of the white light cycles, we are now given this modality to assist with healing the pain and trauma of the past memories we may not have resolved from the black light cycles.


Almine will be sharing this new Belvaspata  at her retreat in Ohio, July 15-19, 2013. Listen to Almine as she discusses the Ohio retreat and see complete details here.



Excerpt from Krihanash Belvaspata, Mastering the Art of Healing by Almine (available in fall 2013):

It can be said that the past defines the present and the present defines the past. The past leaves its ghostly imprint on the present, shaping our attitudes, defense mechanisms, our identities and world views. These in turn perpetuate the past into the future and create a cycle we live over and over again.

Trapped in cyclical incarnations of living, we repeat the unwhole expressions of ourselves, the blind spots and the limitations, in cycles of mediocrity. The past, kept in place by conscious and sub-conscious memories, is not allowed to change as long as its imprints remain. This prevents the present, well-lived moment from changing the past.

The incarnations of man are a microcosmic representation of the macrocosmic life cycles. The cosmos moves through 300 positions of life through the white light cycle. It then cycles through 300 positions of death in the black light cycle. Alternating between these two parallel realities, called the Yin and Yang, cosmic life drags the debris of memories held in the frequency component of awareness, between them.

These memories work against the Belvaspata practitioner’s efforts to facilitate wholeness and health in those who come for healing. This is further compounded by the fact that there are different past cycles that influence the present. The in-depth treatment of an individual must therefore address these past cycles’ influence on the present health of self, family member or client.

Because Belvaspata practitioners do their healing protocols as a proxy for the whole of humanity, the clearing of the acupuncture points and the body’s meridians, also clears the Earth’s ley lines of old, pent up memories of cataclysmic change and suffering. The practice of these healing techniques, therefore becomes a sacred service that enhances life on Earth.

New Angels!

During a recent spiritual retreat with Almine, two new angels that specifically assist with learning and remembering languages were received. Almine explains that these angels have no sigils (What is a sigil? See our post of September 22, 2011 here for more details.) For help with languages, call their name out loud or silently for their assistance.


  • Virinish-ursaba (feminine) for confidence in learning and speaking a foreign language


  • Mirabesh-varavit (masculine) for memory in learning language(s)



The over-all angel of Belvaspata


Kriyavaspata Animal Healing

(This post revised 1/25/16 with updated links for Kriyavaspata website!)

We recently received a question from Dorthe, Denmark regarding the healing of her cat. Thank you Dorthe for your question; we wish the highest outcome for your cat’s health and well-being.

Q. Please help me, I need sigils to help a cat with cancer. He wants to live, I have spoken with him. What angel and sigil can I use to help him?

A.  Kriyavaspata, which means “Healing of Mercy” in the Infinite’s language, is the angelic healing modality for animals received by Almine in 2008. Kriyavaspata may be used by anyone (no special training or initiation is required) for the healing of both domestic and wild animals.

Cancer results when we are not ‘home for ourselves’ – in other words we abandon our self, don’t have self-love and acceptance, etc. The cat may feel unloved or unaccepted in its situation, perhaps due to a new animal or child in its environment, a change of home, etc. We would suggest looking at which system is affected by the cancer diagnosis. If the cat has communicated to you that he wants to live, support him with love, fresh water, a clean and pleasant environment and also use the sigil(s) for that system or situation that affects your cat. Click on links below to visit the Kriyavaspata website, including a question and answer section, and the section where you can download the Kriyavaspata animal healing sigils.

Kriyavaspata: The Healing Modality for Animals

Kriyavaspata Questions and Answers

Kriyavaspata Manuals


It has been found in humans that cancer often appears within one year following a shock, accident, loss or illness. See The Toltec Dream Dictionary, for more insights into the symbology of our dreams and environment – it is a free gift on our Spiritual Journeys webstore, click here to download it.


Importance of Belvaspata Initiation

Recently Almine received a question from a student who wanted to know if it was “ok to use Belvaspata without being initiated”? This is a question that you might have also wondered about.

Q. I am using Belvaspata though I have not received initiation and I am wondering if it works the same for me as those who have received initiation?

A.  Initiations are very important for the use of Belvaspata. The work that is done by the initiate to prepare for receiving each level of initiation* increases their receptivity for the initiation because it raises their frequency. The initiations themselves raise the frequency of the initiate and each level of initiation results in higher and higher frequency. Also, the more we work with the Angels of Belvaspata, the more they become integrated within us.

When Belvaspata is used without receiving initiation, it releases toxins from the kidneys and liver and creates very strong hostile emotions.  Secondly, it creates chaos within your environment because the vehicle that the Belvaspata frequencies are moving through, namely you, has not been prepared for the strength of them.

*There are 4 levels of initiation for Belvaspata: Level I, Level II, Master and Grand Master. See the page “Initiations” on this website here.