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Q. Is there a sigil to protect against any damage from vaccinations? Is there anything else we can do to neutralize any undesirable effects related to vaccines?

A. Almine received a sigil for vaccinations in 2009. Interestingly enough, considering the current governmental and political activities going on around the world, we also post some sigils related to those topics. See the sigils below – you can click on the image to enlarge and print it.

The “18 Alchemical Sound Elixirs” also work with what is called white and black light frequency to nullify the effects of pollution, vaccines, radiation, etc. Click here for more details. They have been received intuitively and are sung by the world’s leading mystic, Almine. These sound elixirs function at multiple levels. They utilize the vast alchemical knowledge available through her work to eliminate dis-ease at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

It has been found that mental, emotional and physical disease is the result of missing frequencies within the individual’s “sonic signature.” Frequencies can be lost because of genetics, family trauma and unresolved issues within the person’s life that have not yielded insights. Based upon over fifteen years of intensive study and meditation, Almine has developed an advanced and unique understanding of the relationship between frequency and enlightenment.


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